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Lolita Where to buy / How to buy Directory!

 Hello guys!

Tomorrow I will be doing a talk on how to buy Lolita Fashion. I am just posting the points I am going to address here so people can review and also access links. I hope this helps people new Lolitas and long time veterans alike. I do visit other blogs a lot and go directly to their posts with all the links to their favourite places to shop. This helps me find new and interesting shops, ideas and links so I thought it will definitely help some people if I compile my own list! I am still updating things as I go. Happy Shopping!

[Disclaimer, this information is researched and true to the best of my ability at the time of writing March 2016. price points do change over time and some of my advice may irrelevant down the track, I will update when I can but with no guarantees.]

Quick links:

The main brand stores are from Japan, their price ranges anything from are from 10,000 yen up to 100,000yen, but most are averaging 20,000-30,000 yen. You are -almost- guaranteed utmost quality and design when it comes to brands. New releases come out periodically, which is announced on their website, or the Facebook group Lolita Updates will announce most brands. Tip: Brands tend to have huge online sales with massive reductions on their leftover stock in the months of January-February (winter sale) and July-August (summer sale) so keep an eye out!

Below are links to their online store, I have not included their official website, usually the webshop is part of the official website or there is a link. Most of them are  in Japanese language only.
Below are not Strictly "Lolita Brands" but they are brands and shops that Lolitas use:
  • Axes Femme - affordable and amazing quality - some dresses can be used as Lolita. Great for shoes, blouses and accessories.
  • Emily Temple Cute - Japanese Otome fashion.
  • Leur Getter - Another popular Otome fashion label.
  • MILK - Cute Japanese fashion, Their heart bags are popular with Lolitas.
  • Q pot - Realistic, high quality sweet themed accessories. Great for Chocolate Lolita. 
  • Bodyline – Lolitas usually don’t classify this brand to be a proper “Lolita brand” since it had shady origins and also sells cosplay. Some of their dresses are pretty and some are poorly constructed, so use your better judgement. Lots of people buy basics from there, such as shoes, blouses, wristcuffs and accessories. However, as of end of last year, their prices dramatically increased and many do not feel the price hike is reflected in their quality. I used to buy shoes from them and they were very decent.

These are less established stores by small businesses; most of them maintain great quality and attention to detail since they are handmade. Due to low production runs, the cost does tend to be similar to brand sometimes, especially Haenuli which charges USD so it’s actually more expensive than Angelic pretty. However do not be discouraged! The higher price points are reflected in quality, and some indie brands are quite affordable as well.  It’s great to support small businesses so give them a try some time; you are bound to find something you like.

Buying brand second hand is one of the best ways to get brand items for a bargain. You do get great deals if you keep a lookout. Lots of Lolita’s lurk on these sites when they update to sweep the good stuff when they’re released because of this, so first in is literally, best dressed. Tip: find out when these stores update or subscribe to their mailing list for updates. For example, Closet Child currently updates every Sunday and Thursday, so new items are posted on those days. However do keep in mind that more popular brands in the most popular colourways and cuts tend to be priced higher than retail due to its rarity, so be aware and always check lolibrary for retail prices and compare, to see if you want to pay that amount.

Second hand shops are a great place to get basics for your coord. I find that most brand blouses are 10,000 to 17,000, however they are priced at 5000-9000 in closet child, with a few exceptions.

These websites are all in Japanese unless otherwise stated. All stores do overseas shipping unless I made a note that they don;t.
  • Closet Child – Physical stores all around Japan, decent price, one of the most popular second hand store for lolitas. Stocks Thurs and Sun every week.
  • Wunderwelt - Decent prices
  • Alice + fururun - Decent prices.
  • Fairy Angel - Decent prices, no overseas shipping.
  • Usagi Youhinten – physical store in Omotesando, Tokyo, decent prices
  • Maiden Clothing – physical stores in Shinsaibashi, Osaka, decent prices
  • Violet Blue - Rakuten Webstore. you need a shopping service or tenso account to order.
  • Tokyo Alice - Rakuten Webstore, email ordering available.
  • Girly Cute - Stocks otome and some lolita
  • Lolita Desu – Large markup, English Website

  • Lace Market – English speaking marketplace, you can sell items here too!
  • Mbok – Japanese site, needs  Shopping Service (see below)
  • Yahoo! Auctions – Japanese site, needs  Shopping Service (see below)

Shopping service for Auctions

The above auction sites (except for Lace Market) need shopping services (ss) as they don’t allow credit cards (Japanese bank accounts only) and so you are not able to purchase them. The staff will buy the item for you, have it shipped to their address, and then resend it to you. Usually you pay them 5-15% of the total price.
  • Japonica – extremely reliable and recommended shopping service. Personalised service over email.
  • From Japan – Also extremely reliable, they have an in cart system which is easy. Instant and snipe bid available (snipe bid available for Yahoo! Auctions only).
  • Buyee – a little more expensive than the other ones, but you can bid instantly instead of waiting for an email response. Instant and snipe bid available (snipe bid available for Yahoo! Auctions only). Sometimes they have sales and offer no ss fees for a limited time only.

Sometimes a certain release from a brand is so popular that they sell out on the website within 5-10 minutes. Angelic Pretty is notorious for their competitive and limited items. Hence, some people opt to have someone in Japan line up in store and buy their item for them. For that extra money, you can ensure you can get the series you really want. Furthermore, you can get them to buy lucky packs for new years and also get in store reservations
  • Chibitenshi/TenshiShop – Probably the most popular shopping service. She is brilliant, but for popular releases she gets booked out fast (she can only get so many dresses at once) so get in quick as soon as something you want is announced.
  • TokyoPirates/AccioTokyo – I haven’t personally used their service but a lot of my friends do and definitely recommend them.
  • Bunny – used her service once for some instore LP reservations in Osaka, she was spot on. It’s a little extra effort for someone to do an in store reservation so I was happy to pay the extra amounts, they were totally justified.

I might re-catagorise and organise this misc section but here it is anyway

I have never shopped there but I have read and heard countless reviews on how dodgy Milanoo is, best that you keep away from it. If you ever doubt an online shipping website, Lolita fashion or not, it is always best to google their name and “review” to see if their site is legitimate, untrustworthy sites get a lot of bad reviews and complaints.

I hope you found this helpful! Until next time!

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