Sunday, February 10, 2019

Chances are, you're probably wrong about the Konmari Method

This infographic and article are a collaborative effort between myself and the talented illustrator, Yumiyumyum.illustration

I first discovered Konmari while watching an episode of the Japanese reality show SMAP X SMAP hosted by the famous Japanese idol group, SMAP. She was all smiles and encouragement while she helped people transform their rooms or houses into their own sanctuary that they loved coming home to every day. Since that episode, I've seen her popularity take off immensely. I even had my mother call me telling me that the "lady I liked on SMAP X SMAP" is famous in the worldwide now and she heard people talking about her. As of late, I've been seeing a lot of misinformed and downright incorrect information floating around the internet in forms of articles, memes, and posts alike. As a long time advocate, I'm here reviving my old blog to set the record straight.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

2017 Wardrobe Post!

 Hey all, long time no post. In the second half of 2016 I had been terrible with posting, outfits have been posted to Instagram but I have not been active here on this blog at all, so I do apologise. Without further ado, here is my wardrobe post - under the cut! (Warning: very image heavy)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Video: Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern Unboxing by Burandoholics

Hi guys!
So several of my friends wanted to do a Holy Lantern Squad video for a while now, and between all those re releases we all snagged this print! Our tastes are similar so we all happened to have either the Wine colourway or the Black colourway, but I think those colours look the nicest. Here is the video below:

You can also view the video in the link here

I hope you guys enjoy it! We tried to make it as informative as possible, describing and reviewing what you don't normally see in just the stock pictures. It's also interesting to see different cuts worn along side each other, and also how the dresses fit in different body shapes! Both cuts are pretty roomy so it's very comfortable to wear.
Thanks and see you next time!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Video: Angelic Pretty Mercator Antique Shop Unboxing by Burandoholics

Hi Guys!

So my super close friends banded together to form a channel called Burandoholics.
Basically this channel is our outlet to rant and discuss releases and brands we love.
This is our first video! I hope you enjoy it.

The video is on the embed above, otherwise watch it on the link here

In this video we unbox Angelic Pretty's Mercator's Antique Shop Special Set that came out last month. It has been my dream print for a little while and I thought it would never re-release. What was worrying at first was the fact that the special set was a Tokyo shop release only, and that means my mum (in Kobe) would not be able to go in store for me to get it. However, in an amazing stroke of luck, Odi happened to be in Tokyo at the time to get it for us! We couldn't have been more grateful. You can check us talking more about the release and our first co-ord for it in the video!

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Lolita Community Meet: Welcome New Lolitas 2016.

Hey guys! Some of you may have noticed that I have changed my URL now to This is to keep continuity with my other social media and because I was not happy with my old username. Now that that's out of the way, onwards to the post...
A little while ago we had a Welcome meet for all the Lolitas that have recently joined our local comm. It was great to catch up and have everyone join together and chat over picnic food. I wore my Btssb Florence's medicine chest Louisa JSK I bought in Kobe earlier this year. I am still getting used to wearing lighter colours as I am used to wearing dark colours mostly.
We had a great turnout! I am glad it was a sunny day as we were having a our meet outdoors.
Selfies with some of my favorite people!
We had several speakers (including myself) speak about the basics of Lolita fashion to introduce beginner Lolitas. We each had different topics to talk about including tips on shopping, makeup tip and generally how to handle the attention when wearing frills. We brought about plenty of discussion which was great to see! I wrote a blog post about what I spoke about (How to buy Lolita!) here.

Credit to Window Warmth for the some of the images above in the post the rest are mine.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Lolita Where to buy / How to buy Directory!

 Hello guys!

Tomorrow I will be doing a talk on how to buy Lolita Fashion. I am just posting the points I am going to address here so people can review and also access links. I hope this helps people new Lolitas and long time veterans alike. I do visit other blogs a lot and go directly to their posts with all the links to their favourite places to shop. This helps me find new and interesting shops, ideas and links so I thought it will definitely help some people if I compile my own list! I am still updating things as I go. Happy Shopping!

[Disclaimer, this information is researched and true to the best of my ability at the time of writing March 2016. price points do change over time and some of my advice may irrelevant down the track, I will update when I can but with no guarantees.]

Quick links:

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Travel diary: Kobe, Japan 2015-2016

First of all I wish everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic year so far.
I had been off visiting my family in Japan, where I traveled around 3 cities, Kobe, Osaka and Tokyo.
We didn't do much touristy stuff during my trip as I mostly spent quality time with my family.
This is our house in Kobe! 
 My mum adores pink, and Japanese stores almost always have a pink colour option for every product, feeding her love of the colour.
 My family recently moved to Kobe, its a beautiful city, and its where I spent most of my time in Japan. I am busy with Postgrad study and I am not sure if I can go back again soon like I used to, but I can't wait to go again already.
Until next time!