Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Double Video Update with Deerstalker Pictures and Töck & Phantasmafloria!

Hi everyone! I just thought I will update you guys on what I have been doing lately!
I have worked with some of my friends from the community, one being Deerstalkers Pictures (first video) and  Töck & Phantasmafloria (second video).

In the video above, my friends Goldie, Simone, Ann, Maya and I tackle some real issues we face as a Lolita Fashionista. We're mostly joking around - although I know some of you can really relate to some of the problems. Especially the one where people try to snap photos of us without permission! Ann handles it tremendously "AY MATE YOU WANNA GO HUH!?" !!!! Deerstalkers are currently working on part 2 so stay tuned!

In this video, Bing and I unbox our Holy Lantern series from Angelic Pretty! Bing is so funny throughout the whole thing, ESPECIALLY at the end. Bing and I recently became really close, and we keep enabling each other to buy things. It's a bad relationship. Hahaha.

I had a lot of fun filming with friends! If you like these videos make sure to subscribe to their channels Deerstalker Pictures 2 and Töck & Phantasmafloria

Until next time!!


  1. Laughed at both these videos. Loved you and Bing unboxing together. A bad friendship maybe but good times! Bahaha. I have no one in my town, not that I've tried looking, mind you, so I have to convince myself to buy the things. It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it. :P

    1. Aw thanks for watching the videos! Hahaha well at least there is no peer pressure for you? As soon as I link something to my friends it's all "GET IT GET IT GET IT" haha. I am just as guilty though!