Monday, September 21, 2015

Fashion Show: SMASH! 2015 featuring Haenuli

Image credit: Félin Photography

Here is another late post! I promised to post about the SMASH! 2015 Fashion Show that took place last month. Well, the official photos are out, and here is my outfit! (above). I am honoured to represent the Korean Lolita brand, Haenuli. Most of you people interested in Lolita fashion have already heard of this brand, but just in case, their webshop is here and here is their facebook page.

The dress I am wearing is the "Angel of Music" JSK in the white colourway.

Image credit: Haenuli

This dress is currently sold out on their website, unfortunately, but they are constantly coming out with really beautiful designs! I loved the gold trimmings. It really makes the dress stand out. Haenuli does really flattering cuts as well. This dress was very comfortable to wear but also had a bit of a defined waist line, which I really love.

Here is a bonus picture of one of my best friends, Jess, in her amazing Venasaur cosplay. She looks fantastic!!

Until next time, adios!


  1. I love a defined waist too. Although, I am not a fan of drop waists with my kind of body shape.
    Great to see an Australian Lolita blogger. I added you to my reading list.

    1. Hello there! Yes I do prefer high waist cuts (more food belly room!)
      Also I love your blog title. Very fitting for us Aussies. I am checking out your blog as we speak!