Friday, August 21, 2015

Video: "How to Buy from Angelic Pretty"

The wonderful Goldie and Elliot from Deerstalker Pictures, Maya and myself got together to create this comedic video "How to Buy from Angelic Pretty"which was released yesterday.
*spoilers* I've already posted this on my social media platforms, but basically, I play the role of AP Queen Bee who gets the release straight away, much to the dismay (and murderous intent) of those other salty Lolitas. 
I also play the role of a cute babby ita maid who is sacrificed to the AP gods in hope to obtain the ever elusive releases. I hope you enjoy the video!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Convention: SMASH! 2015 Highlights

SMASH! is a Japanese contemporary culture convention bringing together Cosplayers, Lolitas, Anime fans and Japan enthusiasts alike. I have only been to SMASH once during my high school years, and it was tad smaller back then. I was very surprised at how big the new venue, Rosehill Gardens was, and the many events and stalls that were happening on this busy, busy weekend.

This year I volunteered at the J-Fashion Indie Corner stall at SMASH! 2015. I did this as a favour of my friend Kate, who runs Rouge Aerie Designs. She is currently in America tending to some urgent business so some of us jumped on board to help her out. Kate is a lovely person and she deserves all the help she can get, really. On Day One I wore Misty Sky, and on Day Two I wore my signature CDC!!