Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lolita Community Meet: Twinning High Tea Meet part. 1

Hi Everyone!
So last weekend I attended Simone and Ann's wonderful High tea meet. The theme was Twinning! Get ready for an image heavy post, which will be in two parts!
This part will focus on the action and the second post will feature everyone's beautiful twin (and individual) outfit shots of the day.

The high tea was held in the Sir Stamford Hotel, a beautiful venue.
The food was lovely!

The top tier consisted of scones, berry jam and clotted cream. I loved that the jam was not too sweet.
These treats, on the other hand, were very, very, overwhelmingly sugary. I always put aside one or two savory things on my plate last, so I won't be too sugared out at the end.
 Smoked salmon is my favourite. Pretty much anything salmon is my favourite.
Maya and Elliot's hand getting in the way of my food shots D:<
Macro shots of some of the delicious desserts served at the tea!
Shot of people at the table
Shots of twins adjusting each other's co-ord, so cute!

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