Sunday, January 25, 2015

Travel Diary: Osaka, Japan 2014 Part 03

I had a huge Angelic Pretty haul at their amazing Osaka store. Here is the picture of their cute shop! 

Another shop I love is Mikazuki Momoko, in America Mura, Shinsaibashi. Everything in the store is 300 yen.

 Yes everything.

 My AP haul - chocolate quartet limited edition JSK set, Melty Choc Heart Bag, Quartet Chocolate Esharpe~

My mother bought the Xmas edition furoshiki from LUSH. The himawari soap is a Japan exclusive!
 I bought a lovely red hat and two moomin hand towels at Mikazuki Momoko. I love their personalised shopping bags! 
 3coins is another store that sells everything for 300 yen. They sell things similar to Daiso, but a lot trendier.
All in all it was a busy shopping day!

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