Monday, December 22, 2014

Lolita community meet: Christmas and bowling!

This meet was of course, Christmas themed! I had just been back from Japan so I took out my Angelic Pretty (Quartet Chocolat jsk set) and was pretty much decked out in AP. (In the above picture I have blue shoe covers on to protect my shoes from the fake snow, and probably to protect the snow from icky shoe dirt)

These last three images are credit to Milkyfawn (Since I usually take the photos, its always hard to get photos with me in them so I appreciate it!)

Friday, December 19, 2014

Lolita community meet: Nautical meet in the City

This meet's theme was nautical - pirates vs sailors. I was neither, because I didn't really have anything sea-themed, but also because I was dying to wear the skirt I won from the raffle which was held last meet. I assume the role of the aristocratic sea wench, perhaps I am sailing on a luxury liner, who knows. >_>

Most of us went to the aquarium first, but since I've been there to death, I decided to join them later for lunch. I had Rocket salad with shaved parmesan and walnut, tossed in balsamic dressing. Yummm.

Cute girls at the table.

Lolita community meet: Springthaw High Tea at the Boronia House

By chance, I was asked to come to my first ever lolita meet after I was asked to take a place for a girl who couldn't attend last minute. I've been following the lolita fashion for almost a decade, but I never knew there was a community this big in my city!
The theme was the Spring, since we were just entering the season at the time. There were so many people there and every single one of them were so charming and elegant. I knew only one person there at the beginning, as they invited me in the first place. The person I knew was one of the hosts, so they were very busy rushing about greeting everyone and getting things organised. Since I only knew that person, for the first several minutes I was feeling very lost and alone (Not their fault though, I knew very well that a host's job was a very busy and demanding one), but thankfully everyone was really welcoming, went out of the way to include me and made sure I felt really welcomed. I came out getting to know most of them, and there were a few girls I got on really well with and hit it off straight away which made me really happy.