Monday, July 13, 2015

Lolita Community Meet: Ice Skating and Pancakes!

Two Saturdays ago I organised an meet where we could go ice skating and then have pancakes afterwards! We all had a blast!

There were a few new lolitas at the meet and it was great meeting them and making friends with them. There was some winter festival in the city, so we took photos in the beautiful light display.

Us at the rink! Since it was an temporary rink for the festival, the quality of the ice was not very good (the ice was all roughed up) and it was fairly cramped compared to usual ice rinks. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed ourselves. Sometimes, fake snow will blow in from the sides!

Afterwards, everyone was hungry so we went to go grab some Pancakes at Pancakes on the Rocks. We met some of the people there who opted in to do Pancakes only. The food here is pretty good!
Sihoban and Jen were sitting across from me so I took nice photos of them with their food. Haha.
 All in all I would call it another successful meet! You might have noticed that the theme was "Navy colourway". Which is in fact my favorite colorway (I do like Black as well though). See you next time!

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