Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Lolita Community Meet: Vogue Cafe

(Dress from Infanta)
Hi everyone!
This post is way overdue (maybe from last month?)
A few of my fellow lolitas and I went to a very lovely cafe called "The Vogue Cafe"!
Some of the girls went ice-skating beforehand, but I joined them for tea instead :P
The drinks served were really cute! Jennifer had the Chocolate drink (top left), Siobhan had the Creaming Soda (top right), Nikarra had the lemon (lime?) drink (bottom left), and Simone & I had the Raspberry fruit drink (bottom right)
We ate some food as well but I don't remember if I took photos...
After we had our fill, we ventured out into the mall!
Here is us wreaking havoc in the supermarket...
 ...And the H&M boutique...
Overall it was a fun day!
I love smaller meets, because you get to know people better on a much easier level. Sometimes I get too awkward around a crowd!

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