Friday, June 26, 2015

Lolita Community Meet: The Tea Cosy High Tea, Game Centre and Ramen!

 On Sunday a few lolitas and I went to the Tea Cosy for a casual, private meet up.
 Jen, Maya and Me (from left to right)
 Maya (In pink AP) hosted this lovely event. The theme was casual, so I went without a petticoat. Other girls went in otome, or lolita style with a light petti. This lovely backdrop (above) is actually an artwork!
The tea sets were gorgeous - We were able to select two beverages each, so I chose a hot cherry ripe tea and a lemongrass and ginger iced tea with apple and mint  (both definitely recommended)
The sandwiches were nice, the pastries were a little bit sugary for me, but the winner in the food category was definitely the scones with pear and vanilla jam. They were amazing!

After Tea Cosy we visited an Art Museum briefly as it was closing, before heading to the arcade! We decided against Purikuras this time, but Jen got some awesome prizes at the claw machine! We also had ramen after that (not pictured) oh my lord, food babies were had.
All in all - a fabulous day. We ate way too much but it was fantastic!

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