Friday, December 19, 2014

Lolita community meet: Springthaw High Tea at the Boronia House

By chance, I was asked to come to my first ever lolita meet after I was asked to take a place for a girl who couldn't attend last minute. I've been following the lolita fashion for almost a decade, but I never knew there was a community this big in my city!
The theme was the Spring, since we were just entering the season at the time. There were so many people there and every single one of them were so charming and elegant. I knew only one person there at the beginning, as they invited me in the first place. The person I knew was one of the hosts, so they were very busy rushing about greeting everyone and getting things organised. Since I only knew that person, for the first several minutes I was feeling very lost and alone (Not their fault though, I knew very well that a host's job was a very busy and demanding one), but thankfully everyone was really welcoming, went out of the way to include me and made sure I felt really welcomed. I came out getting to know most of them, and there were a few girls I got on really well with and hit it off straight away which made me really happy.

I loved their outfit - super pretty!
Delicious T2 Tea - I selected Strawberry and Cream
An assortment of sweets at the top tier
Scones, jam and cream on the second tier
Savoury snacks and finger sandwiches on the second tier

Near the end of the meet, there was a raffle, and I won a really pretty high waisted tiered skirt from Bodyline. It's beige with roses printed on it and it looks really elegant. (I will post pictures in forthcoming posts!) 
Some of the girls I got on with :)

I really want to commend the hosts who co-ordinated this event, because everyone had such a wonderful time, and I knew they put in so much hard work and effort to make this happen.

I had a grand time meeting new people who had similar interests as me. They were all really nice and laid back - the kind of people I know I would really get along with. Needless to say I got over a dozen friend requests on facebook after this meet and I plan on coming to more meets in the future and getting to know everyone better!

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