Monday, December 22, 2014

Lolita community meet: Christmas and bowling!

This meet was of course, Christmas themed! I had just been back from Japan so I took out my Angelic Pretty (Quartet Chocolat jsk set) and was pretty much decked out in AP. (In the above picture I have blue shoe covers on to protect my shoes from the fake snow, and probably to protect the snow from icky shoe dirt)

These last three images are credit to Milkyfawn (Since I usually take the photos, its always hard to get photos with me in them so I appreciate it!)

We first went bowling, it was a lot of fun.I had not gone bowling for such a long time and I had forgotten how much I loved it.
 Everyone was dressed in red and greens, and all things Christmas themed!

 I loved these girls' outfits.

 We also had a Secret Santa. This was the gift from me.
There were stacks of cute gifts from different lolitas. I received a beautiful rose bath set!

 After bowling we grabbed some food, then we went to Market City for the indoor-fake-snow-globe! We don't get snow where we live, so we were happy with fake bubble foam snow falling from the sky. Not as good as the real stuff, but we aren't complaining!

All in all it was a fun day, as always.

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