Friday, December 19, 2014

Lolita community meet: Nautical meet in the City

This meet's theme was nautical - pirates vs sailors. I was neither, because I didn't really have anything sea-themed, but also because I was dying to wear the skirt I won from the raffle which was held last meet. I assume the role of the aristocratic sea wench, perhaps I am sailing on a luxury liner, who knows. >_>

Most of us went to the aquarium first, but since I've been there to death, I decided to join them later for lunch. I had Rocket salad with shaved parmesan and walnut, tossed in balsamic dressing. Yummm.

Cute girls at the table.

Here are some of my favourite co-ords this meet:

I love her co-ord, it is simple and elegant. I wasn't a huge fan of sailor-themed outfits but I am now!

I love her boots, and she made her hat herself, which I think is amazing. She looks beautiful!

I am loving her ouji look. Her flower eye patch really stood out in the crowd.

Overall it was a fun meet, and I received a cute handmade skull brooch!

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