Monday, June 22, 2009

Maikoneko relaunch, introductions and first post.

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by. Although this site is around 8 years old, I am starting afresh, and I am writing over/deleting all my old posts. This means that everything you will see hereon is from 2014 onwards. I've been meaning to make a fashion/photography blog for such a long time, and I've promised myself that I would make one as soon as I got myself a nice DSLR. So now I have no excuse (except for perhaps the fact that I really want a tripod and one of those remote-controlled shutter devices). If you are reading this, thanks again, and hope you will enjoy my posts~

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  1. Bahaha, had to have a bit of a laugh when I read this post. I wanted to buy a DLSR too but then I remembered I have next to no photography experience so it wouldn't be a good idea. I just want to take nice photos without much effort and maybe tweak them a little in a photo editor (or just chuck a filter on them lol) so I'm thinking a good quality point and shoot would be enough for me.
    I'm going to get an iPhone 6s to replace my 4s so I think that will have to do for at least a little while though.